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A-LEX is an internationally acknowledged artist who has made many televised appearances including BET's 106 & Park numerous times performing many of his original songs. A-LEX & his music are accepted in a wide range of cultures; he has performed everywhere from PR Day Festivals to the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. He’s also featured on many websites (YouHeardThatNew.com, Soundclick.com, BET.com, etc) & radio stations. He has recorded & graced stages all across America & Europe. "He has been referred to as ‘The illest MC to come out of the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn...’ A-LEX-ander The GREAT! His uncanny wordplay, witty punch lines & melodic choruses are both undeniable and infectious. He creates an emotional & energetic sound that is laced with introspective street tales rhythms with compelling changes & there is never a break or mistake in the music. A-LEX has a virtuosity rarely found in today's music industry. He displays professionalism, enthusiasm, charisma & an unmatched work ethic. He is constantly on the grind & is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop music scene... and has the dynamics and talent to make it in today's cutthroat industry!" -Talent Agency

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Learning How to Live"


This was a joint I wrote/recorded around fall of last year ('10). It didn't make the cut for my upcoming project so I decided to release it as a solo track (in Jan). This track LEXplains a lot about me and how I approach life. I really wanted to put this joint out because it LEXplains a big part of who I am as a person - very inspirational, and always optimistic. I realize that a lot of ppl who don't know me personally don't realize that about me because most of the music that has introduced me to the world (via BET, NEAs, and so on) was mainly party/uptempo tracks. So instead of holding on to this track like I usually do with many of my songs (a lot of times I release songs months, even years after they've been recorded) I decided to just put it out there. I love this joint for sooooo many reasons, but one of the main reasons I love this track is because it has helped me (and continues to help me) get thru things in my life. #Trutalk Hopefully you'll love it, and hopefully it'll do the same for you.

I'm guessing this is what they're calling Emo-Rap these days (or atleast a form of it)? Idk... lol Anyway, enjoy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"I'ma Ride" (1 verse)


This track was written & recorded during the fall/winter of last year. One of the few joints that I've actually recorded and put out almost right away. It was sent/given to me by a producer who was making the beat available to any and everybody. Anyone who knows me would tell you I only like recording/writing to LEXclusive beats. I feel like if I'ma gunna hop on a beat that's available to everybody I might as well hop on a much more well-known industry joint. Another thing I don't like doing, but I'll get into that another time. It might actually be soon too (and you'll know why then lol). So, I decided it wasn't gunna make my next project which meant I might be sitting on it for a good min (like I normally do with a lot of my songs), but then I thought to myself if he's giving this beat to any and everybody somebody's gunna lay something down to it and put it out there on the internet before me. So, about 3 weeks after I recorded it, I decided to release 1 verse of it. Just to discourage anyone else who was thinking about tryna come off on this beat. This track is hard too so... Unless they're coming better than what I did on it (which I doubt), they'll only make a fool out of themselves jumping on the beat. lol Yet, even if they did lay it down, it'll already be documented on the internet that I layed it down first. lol So, in a nutshell, that's how I came about releasing this one... Hope you enjoy.

P.S. Shoutout to all my true fans of The Boondocks... The intro fit so perfect, I just had to do it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"C'mon!" Video & Live Performance

Directed by Rodger "Gully Time" Lambert.
Song produced by Daniel Benzino.


Here's another joint you'll find on the "LEXtraterrestrial" mixtape. This vid was shot out in Jerz by my nigga Gully. I refer to this video as a "Photoshoot style Performance". The reason I do so is because originally this vid was supposed to be more of a stage performance video. I actually was gunna just edit up different performances I had of this song and make a video. But then @ the last minute I decided it'll be better if I added a few white screen shots throughout the video just to mix it up a bit and make it fuller. So, we did the scenes and during the editing process I gave Gully the stage performance footage to mix in with it (along with a stage performance he had already recorded of me like a couple of weeks prior to the video shoot), but he said he had enuff footage to make a dope, full vid so... I just let him do his thing and when I got the final copy of the vid. This is what it was. So I just rocked with it like that. While we was shooting the footage his set up was reminding everybody of a photo shoot so... Ultimately I just decided to call it a "Photoshoot style performance".

Song-wise this is one of my favorite joints that I've recorded. This song was recorded in the beginning of 2009, although I was sittin' on the beat for about half a year before that (smh). I just didn't know how I wanted to come off on it. But when I finally figured it out, I went off! I luv this track - the bars (especially the 2nd & 3rd verses), beat, energy, etc. There's actually a quote in this song that helped me decide the name of the mixtape. "Spittin' outta this world, call me LEXtraterrestrial" - A-LEX-ANDER THE GREAT.

SN: That's me screaming "C'mon!" during the chorus (in the background) sounding like a rockstar sample. lol

Below is one of the performances that was originally gunna be used throughout the vid. Enjoy.