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"LEXtras II" project available for free @ http://www.datpiff.com/A-LEX-ANDER-THE-GREAT-LEXtras-2-mixtape.811085.html


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A-LEX is an internationally acknowledged artist who has made many televised appearances including BET's 106 & Park numerous times performing many of his original songs. A-LEX & his music are accepted in a wide range of cultures; he has performed everywhere from PR Day Festivals to the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. He’s also featured on many websites (YouHeardThatNew.com, Soundclick.com, BET.com, etc) & radio stations. He has recorded & graced stages all across America & Europe. "He has been referred to as ‘The illest MC to come out of the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn...’ A-LEX-ander The GREAT! His uncanny wordplay, witty punch lines & melodic choruses are both undeniable and infectious. He creates an emotional & energetic sound that is laced with introspective street tales rhythms with compelling changes & there is never a break or mistake in the music. A-LEX has a virtuosity rarely found in today's music industry. He displays professionalism, enthusiasm, charisma & an unmatched work ethic. He is constantly on the grind & is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop music scene... and has the dynamics and talent to make it in today's cutthroat industry!" -Talent Agency

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I've also been working on some projects with the HighStrung an artist out of TX. Met him while I was doing the BET performances. He was doing some work under Def Jam back then, and we cut a track together and stayed in touch since. He's been grinding, doing shows domestic and abroad and touched down in NYC this past Spring. We linked and I did a little acting in his new video that he was shooting while out here called "Power", and shot some footage for his webisodes. Also in the works of working together in his upcoming movie. Both plan to feature each other on our upcoming projects. Here are some shots from his "Power" video (below):

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"LEXtras II" coming soon...

Decided to drop another project being that I have some much in store for the near future. I was going to drop it towards the end of the year, but after the directer of the webseries I'm in decided on Nov. 4th as the season premiere, I decided to just tie everything together and cross promo. "LEXtras II" should be dropping around Halloween '16. For those who don’t know: The “LEXtraterrestrial” series are my actually albums, but then I also have the “LEXtras” series which is an EP/amalgamation of music that didn’t make the album. The EP consist of a mix of old and new music of mine.

A-LEX-ANDER THE GREAT plays "$lick" in #GrindTheSeries (Webseries)

As of May 7th, I was casted to play a character in a new webseries called "Grind". I was originally told by one of the writers at the time (my dude Q The Prophet, artist/minister I've met about a decade ago [about 2005] back when I first started running around the my city's underground scene doing shows, etc.) to audition for what was supposed to be the lead role of Elijah (Rapper with one foot still in the street). He sent me the script ahead of time and everything. I might have been the only one who already had the script at the auditions. After getting there another cat who goes by the name of Dre Rumble (another artist/minister) was in there killing the audition right before I got there. Needless to say they casted him, immediately. I still went in and did my thing not too long afterwards. They decided they wanted me on the show, but didn't have any characters for me. So they decided to create one for me. The director (Extreem, Award-winning director and Owner of What'z Really Hood DVD) sort of type-casted me (lol). Said he liked my look, then asked me if I knew any scammers, because I looked like one. lol I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or disrespect at first, but because scammers are the new drug dealer (80s/90s reference), I figured he meant it in a good way. He then began to tell me how he wanted a scammer in the series. On the spot his son came up with a name; "Jeremy aka J-Cash". I decided to add my own lil' slanguage to it and call him "Cent sign to the A, Dollar sign to the H."... After a couple of months, they decided to change the name to "Slick". Needless to say I decided to change the S to a Dollar sign. Tried to be somewhat creative, being that I was really a fan of the new name. it is what it is though. I wasn't a fan of either name really, but "$lick" even more basic. lol Either way, I'm just happy to be apart of the cast. We actually started filming over the last 2 months or so, and finally have landed a date for the Season Premiere - November 4th! Mark your calenders!

"5am In King's County" video coming soon.

Look out for the video which is coming soon. I actually shot the original in February, but decided I would like to add addition footage to it. So that should be coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this shot from the video shoot.

In the meantime, enjoy this random In-Car performance of the track. This was originally recorded last year around this time. Ryteous and I was headed out to The Million Man March 20th Anniversary in DC. While passing through Jersey we were just bumping random music of our and our peoples(as always), and I just decided to start recording. At the time of the original recording I rapped over the track in the car and then uploaded some of it via Instagram. Well here we are about a year later and I decided to just add the track to it and upload it. Posted it as a #ThrowbackThursday post originally, but it's a prelude to "LEXtras II" now which should be dropping by Halloween. Enjoy!