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The official visual Electronic Press Kit of A-LEX-ANDER THE GREAT

"LEXtras II" project available for free @ http://www.datpiff.com/A-LEX-ANDER-THE-GREAT-LEXtras-2-mixtape.811085.html


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A-LEX is an internationally acknowledged artist who has made many televised appearances including BET's 106 & Park numerous times performing many of his original songs. A-LEX & his music are accepted in a wide range of cultures; he has performed everywhere from PR Day Festivals to the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. He’s also featured on many websites (YouHeardThatNew.com, Soundclick.com, BET.com, etc) & radio stations. He has recorded & graced stages all across America & Europe. "He has been referred to as ‘The illest MC to come out of the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn...’ A-LEX-ander The GREAT! His uncanny wordplay, witty punch lines & melodic choruses are both undeniable and infectious. He creates an emotional & energetic sound that is laced with introspective street tales rhythms with compelling changes & there is never a break or mistake in the music. A-LEX has a virtuosity rarely found in today's music industry. He displays professionalism, enthusiasm, charisma & an unmatched work ethic. He is constantly on the grind & is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop music scene... and has the dynamics and talent to make it in today's cutthroat industry!" -Talent Agency

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"LEXtraterrestrial II: LEXtended Play"

It's finally here!! #Salute to all my true Hip-Hop supporters! This has a lil' something for everybody: Party songs, Love joints, Life songs, Story songs(something a lot of heads don't/can't do these days), Encouragement songs, etc. And as you already know it's a bar festival. I'm one of the few who still believe in spittin' dope bars! I know y'all LEXpect nothing less of me so... Trust, I delivered! So with no further adieu I present to you "LEXtraterrestrial II: LEXtended Play"... Enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"LEXtraterrestrial II..." Cover & Track Listing


#1. I'm Back! (Intro)

#2. A-LEX Season
(Produced by Rodger “Gully Time” Lambert)

#3. Swords Up! Anthem
(Produced by Daniel Benzino, Co- Produced by A“LEX”ander Furman for Swords Up! Recordings)

#4. Take Off!
(Produced by Nick “Hoodfamous” Lalli for Hoodfamous Productions)

#5. Wonderin'
(Produced by Hug0 for The Hoax Productions)

#6. So Attached
(Produced by DQ)

#7. More Than a Conqueror
(Produced by Andrei Manykz)

#8. The Narration
(Produced by Darren “RedMoon” Jenkins and Nate “Mr. CB” Woolbright, Co-Production by A“LEX”ander Furman for Swords Up! Recordings)

#9. Take 'Em to War (Interlude)

#10. I Don't Battle, I War!
(Produced by Erik “DJ EQ” Vance)

#11. HeartBeat
(Produced by Nate “Mr. CB” Woolbright)

#12. Knock It All Over (feat. Silence & Gully Time)
(Produced by Rodger “Gully Time” Lambert)

#13. I Wanna Get Paid (Interlude)

#14. Gettin' It
(Produced by Rodger “Gully Time” Lambert)

#15. Can't Hold On (featuring Cazio)
(Produced by Edwin “LB tha Kidd” Rivera for A-Team Productions)

#16. A New Day (featuring Angel Eyez)
(Produced by Curtis Watts & Sam Barsh for Watts & Barsh Productions)

#17. I Won't Fail (featuring Ryteous)
(Produced by Rodger “Gully Time” Lambert)

#18. Lightning (featuring Toki [formally known as Frostie])

#19. Whaddup?!
(Produced by Eron “E. Dott” Dotts)

#20. US to UK II (Neva Dat) (featuring Royal F.A.M.)
(Produced by Fontz & Shae Productions)

#21. Let it Go (featuring Ms. Alisha-Marie)
(Produced by Nate “Mr. CB” Woolbright & John “J. Midd” Middleton)

#22. The Oath
(Produced by Skillz Beatz Productions)

#23. No Signature (Outro)

Executive Producer: A“LEX”ander Furman for Swords Up! Recordings

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"I'ma Ride" (w/ open verse)


This track is open for all lyricist, emcees, rapper, even singers to hop on if you like it & want it, download it @ the link given above and the 3rd verse is all yours! Have fun!

The details on this joint can be found in this previous post:
"I'ma Ride" (1 verse edit)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A-LEX-ANDER THE GREAT "I Do This" (featuring Gully Time)

Produced by Asim "Paradox" Chaudhry


This track was giving to me @ the end of 2009, yet I didn't write or record to it until about the middle of 2010. It didn't make the cut for the "LEXtraterrestrial II..." project and I found myself sitting on it, until I decided to put together the "LEXtras" (Promotional EP). This gave me the option of getting the song out along with putting a brand new joint on the EP since all the other songs were previously released (before I decided to put them all on one promo project)... Enjoy!

Off of "LEXtras" available now FREE @ http://TinyUrl.com/LEXtras The promotional prelude to the forthcoming "LEXtraterrestrial II: LEXtended Play" dropping Sept 26th!! Get them now, because these songs will NOT be on the "LEXtraterrestrial II..." project.