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A-LEX is an internationally acknowledged artist who has made many televised appearances including BET's 106 & Park numerous times performing many of his original songs. A-LEX & his music are accepted in a wide range of cultures; he has performed everywhere from PR Day Festivals to the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. He’s also featured on many websites (YouHeardThatNew.com, Soundclick.com, BET.com, etc) & radio stations. He has recorded & graced stages all across America & Europe. "He has been referred to as ‘The illest MC to come out of the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn...’ A-LEX-ander The GREAT! His uncanny wordplay, witty punch lines & melodic choruses are both undeniable and infectious. He creates an emotional & energetic sound that is laced with introspective street tales rhythms with compelling changes & there is never a break or mistake in the music. A-LEX has a virtuosity rarely found in today's music industry. He displays professionalism, enthusiasm, charisma & an unmatched work ethic. He is constantly on the grind & is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop music scene... and has the dynamics and talent to make it in today's cutthroat industry!" -Talent Agency

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I Won't Be There"


Produced by Watts & Barsh Productions (Curtis Watts & Sam Barsh), this track was written & recorded in 2007 (hence the myspace line in the 2nd verse). The concept I took on this track was me supposedly being heartbroken and writing a "Dear Jane" letter (the male version of a "Dear John" letter for those who remember the TV show "Dear John" and how it began). It was inspired by real life LEXperiences from a couple of past relationships (with 1 or 2 fictional lines added). You'll just have to guess what's real and what's not. Sorta like movies that are "based on a true story". lol

Interesting fact: This track was actually given to a different artist they were working with (by the name of Candy out of NJ) before they decided to hand it over to me. They did so because they weren't satisfied with her concept of the track. From what I was told, her concept went the route of playing the mistress in a relationship to a married man. They delivered the track to her with the hook already on it (just like they did with me), and her verses just weren't what they were looking for and didn't fit their original concept. Funny thing is, I'm not even sure if what I wrote actually fit what Sam was looking for. He said he didn't know I was gunna go that deep with it (content-wise). I don't know why tho, because the hook they wrote for it refers to someone being in a relationship and leaving. Well, @least that's what I got out of it. Overall, it caused Sam to rewrite his verse for the singer (Lex Peterson), who's on the hook, for their version (which I'll LEXplain in a min) because he was LEXpecting something much lighter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Go figure.

Which brings me to my next point... Even my version isn't their final version of the song. When I was invited to get on the track Curt originally asked me to write 1 verse, then said if I want I can write 2. So that's what I did, but in the end they decided to strip one of my verses and give the beat a more uptempo feel. Ultimately, they were looking for a Hip-Hop/R&B duet. Curt told me they had a Fab & Neyo "You Make Me Better" type track in mind. I did get their final version of it, but I didn't like it as much as this one so... Enjoy!

SN: Right as I was about to start writing this entry this song played on my iTunes DJ (which is on random). It's funny for 2 reasons #1) My mind had went blank and I couldn't remember the name of this song until it started playing. lol #2) The same thing happened while writing that last entry (not to long ago), only difference was that song came on in the middle of me writing that entry. Had too add that, cause I thought it ws crazy. lol

"E.N.Y. Anthem"


The concept of this song is pretty much self-LEXplanatory. I'm doing what 99% of artist luv to do... Rep where I'm from!

It's actually a remake of a track I originally wrote in 2006 called "A Dedication to Brooklyn's East Side". It was originally released on my 2008 project "LEXcellence: The Best of LEXicon!". I decided to rewrite/touch up the track in 2009. The original beat was produced by Mr. CB and the 2009 version was touched up by Gully Time. Then when I decided to put it on the "LEXtraterrestrial" mix-tape (2010), I had to add a few more shoutouts to the end because I realized I forgot so many blocks. So technically, there's actually 3 versions of this track. Hey, #dontjudgeme lol Man, it's impossible to remember all the blocks without writing them down so... I still missed a few, but hey, I rep'd for all of the East in this joint so... #Itiswhatitis. East New Yitty stand up!

SN: I was listening to my iTunes DJ (on random) while I was writing this entry and the original version (from 2006) came on. How ironic. Don't ask, just thought I'd share that with you. lol

Below is the Youtube clip video of the song (2009)... Enjoy!